Online Marketing Campaign #3:
Nutrition & Fitness for Busy Professionals

Understanding this campaign:

At a high level, your Nutrition and Fitness for Busy Professionals campaign looks like this:

  1. You put out Facebook ads/Google+ ads/Twitter posts, promoting awesome free stuff (in this case the Nutrition and Fitness for Busy Professionals package).
  2. Users click your post/ad and visit a special “Landing Page” that captures their name and email address.
  3. Those interested will enter their name and email address to be added to your database.
  4. After giving their info, they’ll automatically be taken to a “Thank You Page” that promotes your coaching services and asks them to set up an information call with you.
  5. They’re also automatically sent an Autoresponder/Follow-Up Email that links them to a PDF Download of their free stuff.
  6. Those who do not immediately set up a consultation call from the Thank You Page will receive a Follow-Up Email Sequence promoting your coaching services.
  7. Those who do call in will either be scheduled for an in-person consultation session or a Skype chat.

Note: If they don’t respond to the Follow-Up Email Sequence they’re either not looking to buy your services right now or they were never your ideal customer.  However, they do remain part of your email list for follow up/newsletters/future offers.

Also Note: As indicated above, the call to action from the Thank You Page and Follow-Up Emails is for interested parties to call you directly for a consultation regarding your coaching services. It’s during this call that you’ll be able to share what you do and invite them to join one of your programs.

Assets provided below:

  • Sample Facebook ad copy (7 total)
  • Sample Twitter post copy (6 total)
  • Sample Google ad copy (6 total)
  • Landing Page copy (with name/email capture)
  • Thank You Page copy
  • Follow-Up Email copy (links them to PDF Download)
  • PDF Download of free stuff
  • Follow-Up Email Sequence copy
  • Local Flyer
  • Phone and Consultation Scripts (for when people call in)


  • Facebook account to create and schedule posts
  • Facebook ads manager account to create and schedule Facebook ads
  • Google Adwords account to create and schedule Google ads
  • Twitter account to create Twitter posts
  • Email autoresponder application which allows you to segment or apply ‘tags’ to an individual user depending upon their action(s)
  • A website (preferably WordPress) allowing you to edit/create new pages (or access to a tech person who can do this for you)

Action steps / checklist:

  1. Open a Facebook or Google Adwords account.
  2. Create a Twitter account.
  3. Thoroughly review and edit the Follow-Up Email Sequence (below) so you can enter your specific information such as a signature or other facility-specific information.  Locations for editing are marked with ‘##’ or ‘<’.
  4. Schedule the Follow-Up Email Sequence into email program through your autoresponder so it’s ready to be sent when people share their name and email address on the Landing Page.
  5. Upload the PDF Download to your main site using a /nutrition-and-fitness-for-busy-professionals or /nutrition-and-fitness-for-busy-professionals-download designation from which to deliver the free stuff (Nutrition and Fitness for Busy Professionals bundle).
  6. Create the Thank You page on your main site using a /nutrition-and-fitness-for-busy-professionals-thank-you designation to host your follow-up letter after they give their name and email address.
  7. Create the Landing Page on your main site (using any URL you prefer) to host your list capture. Make sure the forms (name and email address fields) are connected to your Follow-Up Email Sequence.
  8. Test the Landing Page, Thank You Page, Autoresponders, and PDF Download from end to end. Be sure they’re working correctly BEFORE initiating any ads or posting tweets.  Test everything first from start to finish as if you were a prospect.
  9. Schedule the FB, Google Ads, and Twitter posts promoting the free stuff and sending people to the Landing Page.
  10. At this point, you’ll have a fully functional Marketing Funnel / Marketing Campaign.

Remember: The main goal of this campaign is to build trust by giving away really interesting/useful free stuff and following-up with more education over time. But it doesn’t end there. Once you’ve initiated this relationship it’s imperative to get interested prospects on the phone. That’s when you can “sell” them on your services. To this end:

  1. Depending on the phone line to be used to handle calls, make sure all staff is fully briefed on the purpose of the campaign as well as an appropriate Phone Script with the intent of scheduling all callers for a consultation (either in-person or Skype). Note: If it’s your personal cell phone, edit your message to ensure people calling for consultation are greeted with an appropriate message.
  2. Have a phone log ready. Track each incoming call with Date, name, contact information, and status. Continue follow-up on a regular basis until an appointment is set or the prospect has indicated they are not interested.

But wait…

Although we created these very comprehensive campaign outlines for you, you’ll need to bring a baseline understanding of marketing principles/tools and some basic marketing competency to deploy them. Or you’ll need to hire someone who can help.


Posts and Ads

Here are some example posts and ads you can test out to drive traffic to your Landing Page. Feel free to modify these (and any other assets below) based on your client demographics, key messages, etc.

      Facebook ads

Here are some example Facebook ads to test sending people to your Landing Page.

Ad #1

  • Headline: The “go-to” exercise routine you can do anywhere. HINT: It’s just 6 key moves
  • The text below headline: Finding it next to impossible to get to the gym due to a full schedule or travel?
  • The text above image: This simple infographic can help stop the madness and get you back on track
  • Button: FREE Download

Ad #2

  • Headline: Are you missing these key nutrients? 50% of people are…
  • The text below headline: Check out this definitive list of the vital nutrients you may be missing and why you need to know.
  • The text above image: Fix your broken diet in minutes.
  • Button: FREE Download

Ad #3

  • Headline: Do you ever feel like your diet is just plain “broken”?
  • The text below headline: This simple infographic will show you EXACTLY how to fix it in 3 easy steps.
  • The text above the image: (BTW, let’s take a look at your sleep and workouts while we’re at it…)
  • Button: FREE Download

Ad #4

  • Headline: Do you have a reliable sleep ‘routine’
  • The text below headline: Having this one can help you end those nights of disrupted sleep
  • The text above image: Find out the free way to finally get A FULL, DEEP NIGHT’S SLEEP!

Ad #5

  • Headline: Too busy to work out? Not any more…
  • The text below headline: Discover this “minimalist” routine you can do anywhere
  • The text above image: Your new workout routine – summed up in one cool infographic

Ad #6

  • Headline: 3 Steps to fix your “broken diet”, AND nail down your workouts
  • The text below headline: This simple infographic proves NO ONE is too busy to be healthy
  • The text above image: Check out the easy-to-follow solution busy professionals are turning to

Ad #7

  • Headline: Attention: Busy Professionals who simply CAN get a workout in
  • The text below headline: Finally…take all the guesswork out training with these 6 moves!
  • The text above image: [Graphic Inside] Discover the routine business pros are turning to

      Twitter posts

Here are some example Twitter posts to test sending people to your Landing Page.

Post #1

Summer parties come & go, then the holidays are here again! These 3 steps will get your eating back on track!
##insert Landing Page URL here##

Post #2

Staying in shape is faster, easier than you think! Busy schedules, not an excuse!
##insert Landing Page URL here##

Post #3

Struggle with sleep? Here’s how to get more and stay healthier!
##insert Landing Page URL here##

Post #4

The “I’m too busy” excuse is busted! (We’re all busy). Here’s your fix…
##insert Landing Page URL here##

Post #5

Won’t believe how common these deficiencies are. Where do you fit?
##insert Landing Page URL here##

Post #6

How to fix what’s broken in your diet. It can be as easy as 1-2-3.
##insert Landing Page URL here##

      Google ads

Here are some example Google ads to try sending people to your Landing page.

Ad #1

  • Too busy to work out? ​​​(Headline)
  • Discover the ‘minimalist’ workout ​(Description 1)
  • This cool infographic shows you!​ ​​(Description 2)
  • ##insert Landing Page URL here##

Ad #2

  • Cure the “broken diet”
  • 3 Steps to eating right for YOU!
  • Busy folks are turning here for help
  • ##insert Landing Page URL here##

Ad #3

  • Sleeping issues – FIXED!
  • This easy new method just works
  • Simplify with this cool infographic
  • ##insert Landing Page URL here##

Ad #4

  • Workout time woes? No more
  • You can do this routine anywhere…
  • This FREE DOWNLOAD has all 6 moves!
  • ##insert Landing Page URL here##

Ad #5

  • The busy pro solution
  • Workouts and meals – simplified
  • All in one infographic. Done.
  • ##insert Landing Page URL here##

Ad #6

  • Are you deficient?
  • Find out what your diet is missing
  • The 60-sec infographic solution!
  • ##insert Landing Page URL here##

      Landing Page

This is the page your posts and ads should send people to. You can design this Landing Page to look more consistent with your brand, or you can build it to look like this.

We do recommend using similar copy, though, as we’ve tested hundreds of landing pages and know the best practices of building them to capture as many names/emails as possible.

Click here to download the image file.

      Thank You Page (for after sharing name/email)

Those who share their name/email address and click “Download Now” on the Landing page should be immediately taken to a Thank You page.

The purpose is to introduce them to your services and ask them to schedule a consultation.

Click here to download the text file.

      First Email Follow-Up (with download link)

Those who share their name/email address and click “Download Now” on the Landing Page should also be sent this email (same-day) as a follow-up.

Click here to download the text file with a follow-up email copy.

      PDF Download

Those who click the link in the email above should be sent to a PDF download page with the bundle.

Click here to download PDF.
Click here to download the print-friendly version.

      Follow-Up Email Sequence

Beginning the day after the PDF email is delivered, the following email sequence should be initiated. You could send a new message every other day, every 3rd day, whatever feels best to you.

The goal, again, is to get prospects to call you to schedule a consultation. To that end, if someone actually schedules a consultation, they should be removed from this sequence.

Click here to download a text file with email #1 copy.

Click here to download a text file with email #2 copy.

Click here to download a text file with email #3 copy.

Click here to download a text file with email #4 copy.

      Local Flyer

If you’re interested in doing some local marketing for this campaign, you could print up the following flyer to distribute.

Click here to download the flyer in color.
Click here to download the flyer in black and white.

      Phone and Consultation Scripts

Phone Script: Incoming Call

Once you actually get them on the phone, you can follow the example phone script below to walk them toward the next steps.

Note: This script should be rehearsed multiple times prior to running promotional ads of any kind. If you’re a solo operator, find a family member/friend to play the caller. If you have staff, this script should be reviewed and role-playing should take place at a staff meeting(s).

This script is accompanied by a question sheet with the information you will need to know and the questions you will ask in order to keep the conversation flowing. Have this handy at all times.

Success will be increased if the client feels you are listening to their concerns. Avoid the trap of being eager to list the features of the program and how ‘awesome’ it is…instead of listening to the prospect.

In short, ask a question and then stop talking. Listen.

At this stage (the first conversation) you are NOT trying to make a sale over the phone. This is unlikely as you haven’t yet built a trusting relationship.

Therefore, your goal should be to set another meeting with the prospect. Face to face is best (either in person or via Skype or video call if you’re doing online coaching).

At all stages of the interaction, it’s helpful to speak to the caller as if they’re already a part of the program. As if the decision has already been made. “after we get started…”, “once you’ve been doing this for a few weeks…”

As salespeople say “presume the sale”.

Additional comments below are preceded by ‘##’ and are not part of the script.

In the end, the purpose of the call should be to:

  1. Establish rapport with the caller.
  2. Determine exactly what they are looking for! Not every caller will be a match for this program. Trying to force a fit will not serve you or the caller well.
  3. Explain the details of the program is such a way that the caller sees your coaching program as THE logical solution to their weight management issues.
  4. Overcome obstacles. Price, time, etc. This should be the last thing you address in the conversation.
  5. Set up another meeting / consultation / assessment.

Click here to download a text file of the phone script.

Phone Script: Question Sheet

It is not necessary to ask all these questions. Some will fit, some will not. However, these will keep the conversation moving forward and allow you to gather key information. Check them off as you run through the list…

Click here to download a text file of the question sheet.

Download files with all the campaign #3 assets here…

Note: file formats are opened in Adobe Creative Suite software. ]