We Accept HSA/FSA Payments


We are proud to start accepting HSA and FSA as payment for our services.  In order to stay within IRS guidelines, you will be required to obtain a Letter of Medical Necessity(LMN) form from your doctor.  This form is not for our records and you are NOT required to send to us for approval.  Keep the form and the receipt of payment for our services in your personal records in the event you may ever need it to show proof of LMN.
Click here to download the LMN.  Print it off and take it with you to your doctor for them to fill out.
When you go to our services page, click on the service your medical professional has approved as a medical need, and process your HSA/FSA card.
With the way a lot of HSA and FSA accounts work, we will only accept HSA/FSA payments for the 12-month programs.  Please proceed to the payment pages of each program to select the proper option.  Any and all discounts with our assistance programs and corporate discounts still apply!
Email us if you have any problems or questions.  We look forward to helping you through your journey.